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Here you go, starting with those seated from right to left: Leo P. Dooley, your grandfather; Marion V. Dooley, your grandmother; Peggy Martin, your cousin; Aunt Annie, your great-aunt; Marion Kenneally, better known as Sister Marion; Great Aunt Agnes, Grandmother Dooley, your great-grandmother; Grandmother Kenneally, your great-grandmother; Aunt Jo, your great-grandmother's sister; Pat Martin; standing: Leo Kenneally; behind him your best looking uncle, Ken; Art Dooley, Elsie Gray, a close friend of the family; Mae O'Brien, our first cousin. Bombi Bamberger, her husband; Marion Kenneally; Bob Dooley, Larry Dooley; Ann Kenneally, Rose Dooley, Eileen Dooley, Jane Travers (John and Jane's mother; Bill is peering out from behind Margaret Martin who is holding her son. Thank you Ken Dooley for this information!