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WINDOW STICKER (pdf) brochure OUR 04 JEEP RUBICON my jeep

When we bought this in 2004, Rubicons were still in short supply on dealer lots, especially here in Reno. If they even had one on their lot here, they certainly weren't dealing and so with the internet and phone, we found one in Auburn, CA with what we wanted (Out of 10 or so on their lot). We negotiated the price and made an appointment the next day to buy the vehicle.

On our trip their, just as we entered the Truckee River canyon, we noticed smoke ahead and rounding a corner, the forest was on fire on both sides of the highway. I mean flames were shooting above the already tall pine trees as we drove through. It was so hot, we could feel the heat through our closed air conditioned windows! Anyway, we got through bought the Jeep and because it was purchased in another state, we had to have it delivered to Nevada. They would have done it that day, but the fire closed the Highway for 3 days and we had to wait for the new toy. Kathy and I took an alternate, longer route home.

We had the vehicle lifted, bolted on our winch and bought larger tires. All was well until Kathy on her way to pick up Matt, swerved to avoid a coyote and ended up on her side.

The Jeep has been in most of our states, towed behind the motorhome, and has seen it's share of 4 wheeling. Until we hit the lottery, we would look at the 4 door version now available, but will enjoy this one in the meantime.