1967 Pontiac Tempest


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BROCHURE (pdf) brochure My 67 Pontiac Tempest my pontiac

Another car that I believe I only paid $500.00 for. This was originally a 6 cylinder car and the people I bought it from put a 1969 400 engine with a Muncie 4 speed transmission. I never really did anything mechanically with this car, yet it was probably the fastest I ever owned. Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of this car, but while working in Yosemite, I realized I didn't need a car (and probably wanted the cash) so I sold it to Larry "Coco" Cole, a friend in Sacramento. About a year later after Yosemite, Washington and Alaska I moved back to Sacramento and bought it back from Coco. Being an idiot and probably needing cash again, I sold it to complete strangers and never saw it again.