1968 Dodge Charger


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BROCHURE (pdf) brochure MY 68 CHARGER my charger

I bought this car for $500.00 in late 1975. Of course the first items bought were rims and tires. The car came with a 318 small block and 707 torquefight transmission. The summer of 1976 I bought a 1964 wedge engine that had thown a rod an was completely dissassembled. I had the block hot tanked, bored and stroked, the heads shaved, crank turned and along with a master kit, new Crane cam, Holly carb, etc., I completely rebuilt the motor in my mother's back yard.

Putting a big block engine in place of the small block has it's challenges. Of course different engine mounts, different transmission, shortened drive shaft, etc., I also had to find or make brackets for the altenator, power steering pump, throttle linkage, etc.

I cleaned and painted the engine compartment, dropped the engine and transmission in and started hooking everything up. When the day came to start her up, she just turned over and over, but no start. I had installed the distributor in 180 degrees backward, I corrected that and boom, she started with it's uncapped headers bellowing through the neighborhood. She sounded sweet.

I worked at Sears on Florin Road at the time and with the money I was making there, I had many more plans for the Charger. Then one day after work I came out to an empty parking space. The car was gone. Of course i had no full coverage insurance either. They found the car a couple of days later, stripped and burned. Not even worth starting over.