1971 Ford Econoline


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BROCHURE (pdf) brochure MY 71 Ford Van my 71 van

I bought this van in Alaska in early 1978. I had peviously carpeted my 74 Dodge van and had high asspirations for this one. In Alaska, I got as far as plywood on the floor and an elevated bed in the rear. I left Alaska shortly after Spring started and drove to Haines Alaska to catch the ferry South. On the 125 mile dirt "Highway" from Haines Junction to Haines I probably saw 5 other vehicles. I say this because I ended up getting 3 flat tires on this road and even though I had two spares, I was one short! I ended up driving on the flat then eventually the rim not really knowing what I was going to do. Remember no cell phones, no towns and almost nobody on the highway besides me. Anyway, one of the other few on the highway were a couple in a Ford truck heading in the same direction. He not only had a spare that would fit my van, he had an amazing jack that lifted it up in one crank and the tire was changed in no time. I followed them to Haines and ended up staying in the same motel as them so I could get a new tire in the morning and return theirs to them. The nice couple even bought my dinner that night!

After the ferry ride down the Inside Passage, I embarked from Prince Rupert Canada and continued my journey back home to California uneventfully. I don't think I kept the van much longer after arriving back.