1974 Dodge Ramcharger


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Our 74 Ramcharger my ramcharger

I bought this vehicle in 1989 for about $2500.00. It wasn't long before a 4 inch Rancho lift and 33" tires were installed, vastly improving it's looks. I did the lift in Ben's driveway. I also installed a rebuilt long block in CIW's warehouse. The thing was big, wobbley and sucked fuel like a Budwieser on a hot day. Therefore we nicknamed her the "Beast". One of the best things about this model was that the heavy metal top could be completely taken off making it a convertible and a blast to drive in the summer.

One summer night (with the top on) Lowell and I took off from his house to buy lottery tickets. This turned into a 30 mile detour to a great 4 wheeling spot along the American River. After covering most of the darkness getting close we decended one last hill and I ended up on slowly laying it over onto the driver's side with unseatbelted Lowell falling on top of me. Pointed downhill and on the driverside, gasoline within seconds started pouring out of the gas cap and flowed like a river below us. This got Lowell and me quickly scrambling out the passenger door above us.

Cell phones did not work in this area and it was a 5 mile hike to the nearest phone. Luckily one other vehicle was out there and with their help we got the Beast back on her tires, but still stuck in a hole. With darkness now fully on us, the good samartians took us to a phone and we called for a ride home leaving the Ramcharger all alone on the hill.

The following day, Ben, Steve and I headed up there in his Blazer, after my explaining that the roads were as easy to drive as freeways. He still doesn't let me forget that one. Anyway we were unable again to get her out of there and planned another trip back the next day. Mike Kaley with his Jeep and winch along with my newly purchased hi-lift jack succesfully got her out on the 3rd day

I gave the vehicle to John Everson and he used it for a couple of years, increasing the tire size to "35". After he no longer needed the vehicle, he then gave it back to me and I soon passed it over to Scot Brown who kept it for a couple of years before selling it.