1974 Dodge Tradesman Van


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BROCHURE (pdf) brochure

After the 68 Charger was stolen, I was still working at Sears and needed a new ride. Off to Swift Dodge on Florin Road and I began looking for a party van. Although I had my mom with me because I needed her to co- sign, I pretty much picked out what I wanted and could afford. This van was bone stock and lacked all amenities except air conditioning. When the salesperson started the van, it screamed at a high idle. "No problem", he said "that's just because it's cold". Well it never really idled normally until I bought it, brought it home and adjusted it. That's when I heard the ticking coming from the lifters! So a week later, in my mothers front yard, I rebuilt the top end.

Next came time to fix up the interior. Carpet of course and with not much money, my guitar and amp went as trade at the cheapest carpet store around. Of course it was orange shag. Orange bean bag and cassette stereo rounded off the interior. In the year or so I owned it, it really was a "party on wheels"! I don't remember what I exactly did with it, but I got rid of it and bought the 67 Pontiac Tempest next.

The brochure is for the 1978 model year, but Dodge never really made any changes until 1979.