1987 Suzuki Samurai


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BROCHURE (pdf) brochure My 87 Suzuki Samurai my zuk

We bought this vehicle in about 1998 to tow behind our motorhome. It was a primitive but fun vehicle. Melissa learned to drive in this on our private roads when we lived in Loomis. We ended up giving it to her and it is still in the family today. Mr. Scot Brown having to take his new Dodge truck to a dealer 50 miles away towed the Suzuki there to drop it off and later pick it up. I helped him hook it up to his truck explaining to put the transfer case in neutral and the transmission into 2nd gear as per the owners manual. When he hooked it back up to his truck for the return trip, he put the transmission into 2nd gear but forgot about the transfer case. Towing at 55 in gear and it wasn't long before he noticed in his rearview mirror, smoke coming from the Suzuki's engine compartment. Engine was toast, sending a rod through the block. That's a CPA for you!