1: After you get into Reno, stay on Hwy. 80 headed East toward Sparks. You'll go past the Hwy. 395 interchange (A lot of road construction) and off in the distance you'll see the Nugget casino. (Two buildings on your right side, one is odd shaped with and angled side.) Right after this casino is your exit, Hwy. 445, Pyramid Way.

2: Turn LEFT onto PYRAMID WAY/NV-445. Continue to follow NV-445. When you get to the Albertson's shopping center on your right, your about halfway! About 17 miles from Hwy 80, you'll see Winnemucca Ranch Road going off to your left. Your turn off is about a mile further on your right. Look for the Ironwood Road sign just before you get to it. Ironwood Road is just before the Wild Horse Ranch that has hundreds of horses. If you go by this, you went to far. 18.4 miles total to Ironwood Road from Hwy. 80.

3: Turn RIGHT onto IRONWOOD RD (All unpaved from here on!). After you pass the ranch and start to drop down the hill, you can actually see our house and we can see you! (With binochulars!) This road curves alot and you'll drop down a steep hill and eventually dead into Amy Road. 4.9 miles

4: Turn RIGHT onto AMY RD. 0.4 miles

5: Turn LEFT onto WILCOX RANCH RD. 2.4 miles

6: Turn LEFT onto QUAKING ASPEN RD. .9 miles

7: We're the second archway on your left side. Go through it, up the hill and you'll recognize the place!

Map of Palomino Valley click HERE. Print these directions and the map to help you find the way!