Less than a quarter mile from Uncle Don and Aunt Jan's Tahoe home, a fire broke out around 1:00 p.m. underneath the new gondola route. Smoke and flames quickly filled the sky and posed a very real threat to the Heavenly community in which they live. With quick action by the CDF and cooperation from Mother Nature, the fire moved in the opposite direction of the homes. It quickly consumed hundreds of acres, but was well under control by the time I got there at 6:00 and took these pictures. Click Here for a larger version of the picture above along with others!


$3000.00 in damage!
Last year we had teeth and claw damage done to Peggy's Honda. Living in a rural area, we called the local Fish and Game representitive to get his thoughts. "Yep" he said, "definitly a bear." "Do you think a dog could do this damage?" I said. "Noooooo, that metal is to thick and the teeth marks to far apart for a dog" the Agent said with authority. Flash forward to today. I arrive at the Loomis office around 12:00 today and diligently started spewing out pricing quotes to clients. Even mosied outside a couple of times with nothing amiss. That is until I mosied back out around 3:00. I noticed what I thought was lint from a towel above the passanger front tire, as if someone had just dried the car off. The same above the rear tire. As I got closer, "NO WAY! those are scratches. Then I walked to the other side of the car. They actually took a chunk out! Click here to see that it was no bear, but just our stupid dogs.

Here is a shot of "Buddy", the latest mule to be added to the stable, being ridden by Kathy up front. Behind her is sister Ann on "Lucky". Both of them braved 100 degree weather and rode the Folsom Lake trail this Saturday. Leaving about an hour before them, I ran (walked?) the trail and went swimming in the lake while waiting. You never can bring enough drinking water in 100 degree weather and when I ran out, the lips got parched, the throat got dry and all I could think of was a root beer float! Click here or on the picture for a couple of other shots.