Okay, here's the setup. Kathy and I leave work a little early, to catch a matinee showing of "Bringing Down the House". (Great movie by the way.) We load up the Jeep with our two brief cases (including digital camera), laptop, cell phones, work projects for the weekend, etc. and were off to the movies. No time to stop by the house you see, as the last matinee is at 5:00. We get to the theater with minutes to spare and of course why have Kathy bring her purse (with $50.00 in it) into the theater, "leave it in the Jeep" I say, "it will be fine." I think you know where this is going. Yup, 2 hours later we get out of the show. Walking up to the back of the Jeep, I notice the drivers door is wide open! "#*!%", I curse, "we've been ripped off!" A quick inventory goes through my head. What did we leave in there? Oh man, the lap top. The digital camera. The cell phones. "#*!%" I curse again. As we get to the open drivers door I notice, "Hmmmm, no broken glass." "Hey, there's the cell phones." "the laptop and your purse!" Hmmmm, wait a minute, everything is here. Whatttttttt?? You see, when we got to the show, I went to the back of the Jeep to get a coat. With the remote door locks, I just pushed the button and off we went. For two hours that front door sat wide open and not a thing was touched! I guess being in small town Auburn helped, but there are still a lot of honest people in this world. On second thought, since no one bothered to shut the door for me, maybe they thought it was some type of "trap" or "test"? No one would be that stupid to leave a door wide open with all of those goodies inside!


Looks like cousins Gary, Kathleen, Kayla and Ben headed south to escape winter for a few days. Having the hook up with cousin Alycia helps too!

Thanks to Kathleen for sending the pics. Must have a great digital camera as the shots came out real clear.

Click on image for a lot more!

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Cousins Everett (Pudge) and Rosemary Dean on their return trip back to Yakima from sunny Arizona. I enjoyed having dinner at mom's last week and visting with Pudge and Rosemary. Daughter Kathy and son-in-law Chuck live in Arizona and they usually head there to "warm up" in the winter months.

Mom, Rosmary, Aunt Jan and Marylou all cousin's grew up together as little girls. All are close in age.