Nevada in the 40's, 50's and early 60's was the place to get divorced. Where most states wanted at least a year waiting period and only certain acceptable reason's for divorce, Nevada required only 6 weeks and many acceptable causes for divorce. The rich and famous took advantage of this as did the normal folks, but they stayed out of the public eye on "Dude Ranches" such as the Monte Cristo 10 miles from our house. It's abandoned now and not much left there, but lot's of wheelin', beautiful country and with your imagination, you can understand what life was like out there.

Anyway, the Brown's were up here this weekend and helped me break in the new motorcycle that Statewide bought me up in the local hills. Please check out the other photos behind this one by clicking on it!


Okay, so the road down to the "lower 40" (I've always wanted to say that) is kinda done. Done enough so that I could haul a few "excercise shy" buddies down there. Kathy took all the photos, while she and Justin rode the quads around us all in the Zuk.

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Life is harsh for juvenile offenders here in the state of Nevada. While Ashley and Danny's crimes weren't of a serious nature in their home state of California, not making your bed without having to be told is grounds for the Road Gang here! Now this isn't just any old road either. We're talking cutting a road into the side of a bluff with a merciless sun beating down on them, water only every hour and a harsh Guard standing by to keep them working! Click on photo for more....

Well I'm almost a month late on this, but just got a couple of pictures from the bride and well, here you go! Tom and Carol Huff were married on June 12th at their home in Auburn. The wedding was outdoors and turned out perfectly.

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