Jack Dooley is back on the West Coast making the rounds. Here he is on top of the world over looking Pyramid Lake in Nevada. We did a little back country 4 wheelin' and Jack got to see a couple of herds of wild mustangs, plenty of free roaming cattle and a little local history seeing the dude ranches "Monte Cristo" and "Quail Ranch" where the "Misfit's" was filmed. Last weekend Jack was at Zepher Cove in Lake Tahoe. Jack, Ann, Kathy and Candi take off for 10 days in Ireland tomorrow! Click on picture for more shots!


It was cold, windy and rain/snow in the forecast when we woke up Sunday morning. "Are you sure you guys want to go" I asked Matt and Sean? Well you know youth and of course they did so off we went on the two quads and my bike. Today we were going to the Monte Cristo a trip both Kathy and my machines have made before, but the old Yamaha hadn't. Everything was going well until a couple of hours into it with the clouds getting closer, Sean pulls up and says "I think I'm running out of gas!" Seems this bike is a pig. So off I went on my bike to get the Jeep and fuel while they drove as far back as they could before the Yamaha ran out of fuel. Of course through a communication error, they went one way and I the other and I missed them and had to do a lot of back tracking. So finally after fueling the bike and barely getting it to run again, Matt made it to the bottom of the driveway just as it started to rain. I towed him up and they took off to California before the snow hit! Click on the picture for a larger version.

Kathy spent the day on river with the Browns, Jimmy and Candi. Only differnce is that she couldn't sit up front 'cause it ai'nt her boat no more! The Browns are the proud owners of the Sea Ray now! Click on the picture for another photo!

Hey, this thing is really needed around here! It's not a toy, honest! You couldn't tell though by the look in Kathy's face. I could not get her off the thing. Gonna take a lot of practice to get any good with this thing, but I got a little room to work with here! Click on the picture for another photo!

It took 4 months, but it's finally here! MD Barns started last week and spent a week bringing in dirt, building a pad and pouring the concrete. When the barn was delivered, the truck was so long that they had to fork lift it almost a mile each trip to get it up here! Click HEREfor additional shots of the barn and roll your mouse over the image to see some progress! RollOver

Well she has threatened to climb into the ol' RV and come up here for a few months now and she finally made good on those threats! Lowell, Bud and Millie came up for last Saturday night and we did some beer drinking, conversatin' and touring while they were here. Got to get them to stay a little longer next time though! Click on the picture for another photo!