Well it's been 8 1/2 years since I've purchased a new vehicle for myself. Kathy has had 2 new vehicles in the same time period and I was overdue! Even though I've been looking lately, we bought this one on the spur of the moment. After eating dinner and drinking a couple of "screwdrivers" at Tahoe Joes in Roseville, we decided to look at the automall across the street while we were in California. This was one of those "loss leaders" and was advertised $10,000.00 off of the window sticker price! We couldn't get our stuff out of the ol' 97 fast enough! Mileage is almost twice what I used to get with the V-10 engine! Click on photo for more!


Click HERE for Justin's Bull Ride!

It's Rodeo time in Reno and we have one of the nations largest here. Kathy, Melissa, Kylie, Justin, Matt and I spent the day at the Reno/Rodeo carnival Saturday. Got to cold and didn't stay for most of the late stuff, but had a great time anyway. Click on photo for more......

Well, if you were a cowboy in the 1800's and saw this pull up, you would think so anyway! (It's Ashley by the way.) Took the bikes and kids over to Hungry Valley again. Kathy, Ann and I did more drinking of adult beverages than anything. Click on picture for more....

Kathy and I headed out to Truckee to make a deposit for CIW and worked our way back to Reno through Sierraville, Loyalton and into the North Red Rock area.While in Red Rock, we checked out a prospective home for Melissa and Justin (they're moving to Reno!) and then cut through the mountains to our valley. Out here in Nevada where 80% of the land is public, 4WD roads are everywhere and getting around in the rural areas are an adventure waiting to happen! In this case, the road came to a "Y" with Kathy saying home was right and I saying left. My way dead ended about an hour later into a beautiful canyon. Of course Kathy's way was correct! Click on photo for more!