November '06 | |

Everything over here is very nice, the base is very big and interesting. There's a lot of different classes of military over here, we have Korean, Canada and in Manas I saw some French military. I like the Korean uniforms, they look just like karate uniforms :) The food is better than I expected, y my room is not that bad. I have a small bed with a night stand and my locker, the only thing I don't have is a door, we have curtains. My work seems to be nice, my hours are not going to be too bad, just that I work everyday. today being sunday I don't have to go in until 11 in the morning, the rest of the week I go in at 9 am. I would like to know if everyone received the pictures I sent thru yahoo of the training I went to. I'm not sure if everyone was able to open the e-mail. If you didn't get the e-mail or weren't able to open it please let me know. Well I have to go, but I'll write soon. Hope everyone is doing good and take care. Please don't worry I'll be fine :) Thank you for everyone that is writing and for all your prayers. Ana (Gina)