It took awhile, but we now have photos of Bo and Briana. (Thanks Mom) Bo is quite a kid with an outgoing personality and excellent manners. Click on photo for more.... Beautiful little Briana has always been smart beyond her years. Could be a handful for daddy as she gets into those teenager years! Do you see trouble in those eyes? Click on photo for more....
Now that we have some pictures of Purity, we can get her up here next to her cousin Rylie. We'll have to have side by side pictures as they grow through the years. Click on photo for more.... Rylie is starting to become human now! Was at the Valice house last week and there she was standing up in the middle of the frontroom! That was the whole show though, as crawling is still her favorite form of movement.... Click on photo for more....
Ashley now a Freshman (Freshperson?) in highschool has followed in her cousin Melissa's footsteps as far as being Ms. Social. Grades though are quite a bit better than Melissa's! Click on photo for more.... Danny in the sixth grade has two more years before he gets to Del Oro High School. Ashley will still be there, but Sean will have graduated. Click on photo for more.... Kylie is now in school! She started kindergarten and is becoming quite the little student. She is very smart already and should do well. Click on photo for more.... Sean is now in his Junior year and driving! Just sold his vehicle to my friend Charles and is desperatly looking for a truck to haul his dirt bike in. Click on photo for more....
No picture, but here is a short video of Kayla #16, playing basketball.


NOVEMBER 4th Hello:) How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good. Well I would like to let everyone know that I arrived to Afghanistan this past friday November 3. It took me so long to get here because of the following: I left Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday October 30, and I got to Germany (Ramstein) on the 31st. The samd day we left for Turkey to drop some people off and once we landed we were told that we were not going to be able to take off due to raised security reasons, so we had to spend the night there. The next day we left Turkey and went to Manas, Kyrgyzstan where we also had to spend another night because there was no plane to take us to Afghanistan until the next day. Then the next day Friday (our time since we are 12 and 1/2 hours ahead of California) I arrived here in Bagram safely and with no problems, just a little dizzy from all the flying and I think that I came down with a cold. MORE NOVEMBER 9th Hello :) I hope everyone is doing good. I just wanted to give everyone an update on how I am doing so far. Work is going alright just a little stressful sometimes because I'm learning how to do things I've never done, like talking on the radio, calling the tower to let them know our teams will be blowing up some stuff and typing up their reports of what they did. The nice part is that I can see all the stuff that civilians are throwing at us like bombs, mines and stuff, and how I'm helping the overall mission. My hours are from like 9 am until 8 pm usually, nothing set in stone because it just depends on what we are doing. I do get time in between to go to the gym, lunch and anything else I want to do, but pretty much nothing else to do other than that. I managed to sleep until 5 am this morning which is good, since I've been waking up at 4 am almost everyday. I'm still trying to get used to the time difference! Food is okay, I'm trying to stay away from beef, and milk, since most people have gotten sick from it. I drink about 4 to 6 bottles of water everyday, which is a lot for me. They have some texas hold'em tournaments so I'll probably start doing that to keep me entertained.MORE

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