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Matt and Melissa 3 and 5 years old watching themselves on the TV (through my camcorder) DJ Little League with Melissa, Matt and Lorae kind of watching. Scot, Ann, Sean, Kathy, Melissa, Matt and I playing in the snow.
Melissa filming Ashley in various outfits while commenting on them. Melissa, Matt and I playing with the video camera, then Ben, Sandra and I go to lunch at Mokos. Kathy and I hiking to Half Dome.
Christmas 1990 with Grandpa Jack, Uncle Don and David Fernandes whom we have lost. Ben Bailey, John Everson and Ben Francis at a Pacific Bell jobsite in 1991. Melissa and Matt acting before the camera. Cameo by Gina and Bonnie.
Kathy riding Charlie. Little Kathy or Ann in a crib with brother Jeff. Snow in Lakeview Hills, Jeff playing with chickens.
Pasadena. Southern California. Christmas.
Alaska. Alaska. Flying in the T6.
Everybody over at Aileen Way. Everybody over at Aileen Way. Matt in Hoop it up.
Clip showing Kim Zapital during Easter Melissa, Jenna and Ashley Grandpa Jack