(February 16th, 2021) 2 weeks to go until we start working our way back up North. Ann will recognize some of Kathy's friends pictured here taking a cracker. Made another trip to Oatman and has just as much fun as we did a couple of weeks ago there. Also took Dan and Lynn to see the petroglyphs for a little course in ancient history! Click on photo for more pictures!


(February 3rd, 2021) As we start our second month here in Laughlin (and still mourning Bill) we are enjoying the area with our "Grandparents-in-laws" Dan and Lynn. We walked from Nevada to Arizona over the Davis Dam, an 8 mile loop back to camp for ribeye steaks. We also took Jeep ride to Oatman, AZ,. Click on photo for more pictures!


BILL DOOLEY 1926-2021

bill dooley

(February 1st, 2021) We lost another "Great One" yesterday, Bill Dooley passed away peacefully with family at his side. I got to know him more and more over the years on our trips back to Rhode Island. He would hold court at the PAC with all of his buddies and I really enjoyed hearing all of the stories that he had. Slept in Hitlers bed at Berchtesgaden at the close of WW2 as a member of the 88th Blue Devils was one of them. We also both worked for the phone company (on opposite coasts) so we had something in common there. He knew how much I liked the PAC and arranged an "Honary Membership" for me complete with a key to the place! A Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, Uncle and Friend to a lot of people. Will miss him. Click on photo for more pictures!

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