(November 5th, 2023)


(November 4th, 2023) Waylan and his Del Oro JR Golden Eagles football team made the championships for the first time ever. They controlled the first half leading 14 to 12 starting the 3rd quarter. They marched down the field and at 1st and goal, scored a touchdown in the first opening minutes. But it was called back and they steadily went back from the 5 yard line to the 40 yard line. Then they completely fell apart losing 24-14. Matt and the boys didn't make the game but I got a couple of Halloween photosof them and our other Grandkids, Nephews and Nieces. Meanwhile at the same time I was at that game, Kathy and Ann were at Sawyer's soccer game which ended in a 1-1 tie. Click on photo for more pictures!




(November 3rd, 2023) Today was a sad day as we said goodbye to a family friend. We have known Cathy for over 55 years. We first met her as a neighbor next door who lived in the upstairs apartment belonging to Aubrey Pritchard. My earliest memory of her was of Danny Thomas and I at 12 or 13 years old (and both having a crush on her I'm sure) were up in her laundry room talking to her while I nervously spun the dial on her washing machine until it broke. That memory has always stayed with me. Cathy was single and attending nursing school at the same time David Okasaki was single and living in one of Aunt Jan and Uncle Don's G Street apartments. The two of them played match makers and the two married, had 3 kids Stephen, Scott and Rory. Moving to Elk Grove they built a great life in their 51 years of marriage. Click on photo for more pictures!

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