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(April 22, 2017) Just finished a 2 week trip to Montana where we met cousin's Gary and Kathleen McCoombs. It's Kathleen's 50th birthday month and this is her present from Gary. If you look at the following pictures, you would think it was Gary's as he knocked off a few more items on his bucket list. Sorry Ben and Michel could not make it, but we certainly had plenty of fun. After spending a few days there we headed back down to Reno for a couple of days and then on to California to celebrate Kathleen and Jeff's birthdays. They flew out of Reno yesterday morning and most of us have to be back to work on Monday. Click on photo for more pics.




(April 1, 2017) Today is 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Two days ago we had 2 inches of snow. Most of it is gone around the house, and the trees look like their ready to produce leaves. Click on photo for more pics.

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