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(August 25th, 2017) We have been making the rounds here in Rhode Island, visiting and seeing the sites. From baseball in Connecticut to the bars in Newport we have been having a blast. Click on photo for more pics.




(August 11th, 2017) Outside of the stop at Gettysburg for a couple of days, we drove straight through to get here in Rhode Island. Uncle Bob graciously let us stay at his house so we can be close to everyone. Two years ago, we had the motorhome which would not fit here so had to stay an hour away at an RV park. Click on photo for more pics. (MORE PICTURES ADDED 08/15!)


(August 8th, 2017) Read about it as a kid in history books and as an adult still interested in history. Now got to see it first hand and imagine what our ancestors went through. Very moving. Click on photo for more pics.


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