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(September 10th, 2017) . Made it to Frisco, Texas and visited Jenna, Purity, Havyn, Skye and Patrick. Jenna and Skye have a nice home and we enjoyed our visit! Click on photo for more pics.




(September5th, 2017) . Moved over to the West coast of Florida to visit Joannie! Stayed at Fort DeSoto park which was really nice. Hurricane Irma was coming our way and got out of town as gas stations ran out of fuel and stores ran out of supplies.Click on photo for more pics.


(September 3rd, 2017) . Made it to Florida Friday staying with Alicia and Sarah at their Winter Garden home. Alicia runs Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses where she raises, trains and then takes to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. The horses ride in the back seat of her truck! Click on photo for more pics.


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