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(August 16th, 2018) While we were in Vegas we heard from Steve and Heidi that another fire had hit our area and evacuations were being started for the second year in a row. This fire was started by an arson who they caught and ended up destroying 3 homes and several out buildings. Back in Reno this week and we went and toured the burn area which ended up burning in excess of 51,000 acres. The picture above is what is left of the rock house in Perry Canyon and what it looked like in 2008 when Steven Dooley was out here. Click on picture for more!


(August 4th, 2018) Kathy and I arrived here a couple of days ago and just haven't taken any pictures. Jeff got here yesterday and we are headed to Fremont Street so will add pictures tomorrow! Pictures added 8/16/18 now. Click on picture for more!


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