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(January 13, 2018) In between our days in Sacramento watching the grandkids, we head back home to Reno and enjoy it's many things to do. This weekend we brought Ann back with us and she hit her first ever Royal Flush for a 1,000.00 at the GSR! Click on photo for more pics.


(January 9th, 2018) Week two at the Valice's and Sacramento gets 3 1/2 inches of rain in one day! The drain was blocked so woke up with water just starting to get into the garage. Went and rented a pump that just didn't do the job so went back and bought a better one. Still raining and pump was working great and bam we lost power in the neighborhood. The pump just barely stayed ahead of the rain. After a full day's work, Dan came home and within an hour had the drain unclogged and the water receding! Click on photo for more pics.




(January 2nd, 2018) Melissa is in training for work the entire month of January so Kathy and I are spending time with the grandkids to help out. Just need Mason and Kylie to complete the picture! Click on photo for more pics.

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