John Alton Murphy

1910 - 2002

Murphy Wake Photos

"Grandpa" Jack Murphy has headed to the happy hunting grounds. Born April 10th, 1910 in Toppenish, Washington, the son of George and Mary Murphy. Seventh of eight children, he grew up an era of astounding changes. While horse and buggy was the standard mode of transportation when he was born, today were contemplating sending men to Mars! I hope I have 92 years on this earth as he did. I haven't quite lived half of his lifespan yet, and wonder what life will be like if I make 92.Doing the math, Grandpa Jack was 21 years old when he and wife Margaret brought mom into the world, followed two years later by "Auntie" Jan. My grandmother Margaret didn't cope well with the pressures of life and spent most of her life in institutions. Grandpa made a few mistakes in picking his second wife and also raising his daughters in the early years, but I don't think men were as "liberated" as we are now and left the raising of children to the women.Continued



Cordova, Alaska's population is about 1000. Until recently, just a dot on the map for me. That is until I had dinner at mom's last Sunday with her neighbor Paul Barth and our long lost relatives Bill and Gloria Anderson. Continued Jack is 80 years old! Thank's to Scott Dooley for the pictures of Jack celebrating his 80th with brother Bob and wife Nancy. Happy Birthday Jack, from Sina, Mike, Kathy, Melissa, Matt, Candy, Scot, Ann, Sean, Ashley and Danny! Continued



Cousins Paul and Ginny Chissus "outside for a nieces wedding in California, took the opportunity to visit with mom recently. I had a chance to speak with him by phone and he made the mistake of saying were welcome anytime up his way! Can't wait to take him up on that. Well, looks like Kathleen is heading for round 4 with the Coventry School System! Click on the "Red Tape" image for a text version of her letter to the editor or on this link for the HTML version.


Looks like the economy hasn't slowed down that much. Just one day apart, the world's best business partner drives up on a brand new Fatboy Harley and my dear sister-in-law opts for a luxury Dodge Durango!
Ben ordered his about 6 months ago and it has just arrived for some early spring riding. Now Ann on the other hand, was given the idea of a new vehicle by hubby Scot as he watched the warranty tick away on their existing vehicle. How long do you think she waited?!!