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(May 20th, 2020) Got back to the Brown's last week and though we are still isolating and social distancing, have got a few things accomplished in the week we have been here. Fixed the washer, moved the storage container and plenty of chores! Jeff flew back to Boston and drove back with Ashley here to the West Coast, so I had to show Ashley who the best Uncle was and did an 8 mile hike on Steven's trail with her! Click on photo for more pictures!




(May 12th, 2020) We got the invite from Candy and Jimmy to come and stay a bit at their RV park on Brannen Island. Jimmy is managing the maintenance of the place and one of the perks is they can offer a spot to family and friends. Scot totally surprised Ann on Mother's Day weekend sneaking up behind her as she gabbed away totally oblivious! Click on photo for more pictures!


(May 2nd, 2020) Well got the news that things aren't opening up quite yet. So what do you do when the weather outside is cold and windy with 3 people stuck in 300 square feet? Click on photo for more answers!


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