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(April 23rd, 2023) Mike and Annie with their dogs Jasper and Kona are here for a week then Scot, Ann and Daisy are taking their place at the end of their stay for a few days themselves. Click on photo for more pictures!




(April 22nd, 2023) Congratulations to Jeff Dooley who had his first MLB announcing gig this weekend for the Colorado Rockies. Normally he announces for the minor league Hartford Yard Goats, farm club for the Rockies. The normal announcer Jack Corrigan took the weekend off and Jeff was invited to fill in. His brother Scott put togehter a nice video which you can see on the next page. Click on photo for more pictures.


(April 16th, 2023) This is going to be a banner year for plant growth with all of the snow we had this year. We have a mile long loop in the foothills out our door that we call "Daisy's Loop" because she enjoys it so much. Not only does she get to go off leash, there is a year round creek that she gets to cool off in. Click on photo for more pictures!



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(April 9th, 2022) The Easter bunny made his way to the Grand kids, nephews and nieces in California. I have memories of their parents hunting for Easter eggs when they were kids and of course can remember hunting them myself when I was! Click on photo for more pictures!



(April 7th, 2023) There is a reason we go to Laughlin every January/February/March and that is to avoid the cold. Normally by April it is long gone here in Northern Nevada but not this year! After a few years of drought most of the reservoirs will be full and the aquifiers are filling. Click on photo for more pictures.

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